Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation Model

Taking a holistic view of surrounding drivers that can be leveraged to innovate


This model, in the case of most organisations, typically requires specialist external support to successfully harness given it’s success is dependent on the ability of the ‘innovators’ to assess the holistic components of a product and it’s surrounding enablers for success

The framework (also set out overleaf) as well as it’s history, rationale and access to the supporting tools (book and cards) can be found at this link: https://doblin.Com/ten-types

A tactical overview can also be found at this link, and is a helpful resource to get started: https://doblin.Com/dist/images/uploads/tentypesinnovation.Pdf

The link below explains the model and it’s application in more detail, with some useful reference case studies (nike etc.) that illustrate how it has been and can be leveraged: https://blog.Hypeinnovation.Com/using-the-ten-types-of-innovation-framework

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